Information for members and candidates

 For those who are thinking of joining:

Become a member of the trade union can any company employee or a students, retired, unemployed and a resident who is interested in ALIA trade union's success and recognize the trade union statute.

Become a member after the transfer of money to a designated account of the credit institution, provided that into the payment order is written following text:
«I read and agree to statute of the ALIA trade union, please admit me as union member. ».
The Board by its decision decide on the admission of a member.

Can become a member after submitting the application.

Members have the right:

 to receive union defense and support;
 to get free legal advice;
 to receive the material and moral assistance;
 to receive information about ALIA union activities;
 participate in events organized by trade union;
 free to withdraw from the trade union, upon written request;
 vote for board members and auditors and to be elected to these positions;
 decide questions of changes in the statute and winding.

Members have the obligation :

 perform trade union statute, through active participation in trade union to support the implementation of the aim and objectives;

  regularly pay a membership fee; the honor to represent the good name of the union and to avoid actions thatreduce the union's reputation and respect in the society..

 Kindly ask to all members in accordance with the Statute to make a monthly membership fee payment € 5 (five euros) or directly to pay an annual fee of EUR 60 (sixty euros). As well as donate to the trade union to Swedbank account for the following requisites:

United trade union of Latvian residents, registration number 40008211589 SWEDBANK LV63HABA0551036742289, purpose of the payment: «ALIA trade union member fee».

  The member of the trade union can pay more than 5 euro member fee, if he wish.