Employed persons have the right to a collective labour agreement, and the right to strike. The State shall protect the freedom of trade unions.
The Constitution of the Republic of Latvia - Article 108.

NB!!!Currently ALIA trade union not accepting new members, except the individual decision of board.

     ALIA trade union – Why are we?!

 ALIA trade union is an independent organisation founded in June 8, 2013 and at the moment is the fast growing trade union in Latvia.

 Mission: represent, express and protect economic, social and legal rights of ALIA trade union members and make a social dialogue in all levels.

«Do not miss your labor rights, join in a timely manner!» – Edgars Timpa head of board of the ALIA trade union.

 ALIA trade union will remind the employer for the rights and also obligations in respect of employees fair and safe working conditions.

Vision: the most powerful, professional, effective, independent and largest trade union joining active and well-informed members who are interested in processes.We are supported by society and goverment, social partners take us into consideration.

Joining to our trade union, whose interests represent professionals

 The labour law experts will answer on your questions.