ALIA trade union is an independent organisation founded in June 8, 2013 and at the moment is the fast growing trade union in Latvia.

June 17th 2013 notary of the Register of Enterprises of The Republic of Latvia decided to register the United trade union of Latvian residents in the Trade Unions register with registration number 40008211589. (sk.

ALIA trade union are independent social organisation, which express, represent and protect labour and other social and economic rights and interests of their members in accordance with the Republic of Latvia Law "On Trade Unions", other effective in the Republic of Latvia laws and statutes of the Republic of Latvia trade unions, as well as by considering the principles and norms, established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international treaties and conventions

About your possible law violations or for other questions you can write on the ALIA trade union e-mail: or contact the ALIA union professionals through