The articles of association of an association shall be prepared in writing.(The articles of association shall specify:1) the name of the association;2) the objective of the association;3) the period of activity of the association (if an association is being founded for a certain period of time);4) preconditions for the entering into and removal from membership;5) the rights and duties of members;6) the procedures by which the rights and duties of a territorial or another division (if such are established) may be laid down;7) the procedures for the calling of a meeting of members and the taking of decisions;8) the name of the executive body, the quantitative structure thereof, prescribing the rights of the members of the executive body to represent the association individually or collectively;9) the structure, procedures for election, competence, procedures for the taking of decisions and terms of office of audit institutions of economic and financial activity or the procedures for the appointing and terms of office of a certified auditor.

    Other provisions may be provided for in the articles of association which are not in contradiction with law. If the articles of association are in contradiction with law, the provisions of law are applicable.